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Organic Sencha and Matcha, the world's best selling green tea !
Sasaki Green Tea Company exports organic green teas from Japan carrying various premium quality green tea items (Sencha, Genmaicha, Matcha and other powdered green teas) !!

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Sasaki Green Tea Company holds JAS organic certification as a Japanese green tea manufacturer.
There has been a trend among Japanese green tea farmers growing the green tea without any pesticide in their plantation as popularity of the non-pesticide green tea is growing around the world now. Japanese JAS certification is now officially recognized as an organic certification in USA and EU countries and can be displayed "ORGANIC" on the product. This being a follow wind, helps to increase the export of Japanese green tea.

From our green tea factory, we export directly from Japan !

Sasaki Green Tea Company is one of few green tea manufacturers that owns tea plantation. In 1950, green tea farmers in Kakegawa city pooled their resources to establish Kakegawa Central Tea Manufacturing Comapany as an agricultural production corporation. Its representative at that time was Mr. Teiji Sasaki and he had set out to make a full production line. In 1954, Sasaki has established Sasaki Green Tea Company that held both roasting (finishing) line and distribution system. Sasaki Green Tea Company has expanded the business and still remains in operation. Loose leaves like organic Sencha, Sencha, Genmaicha and Hojicha as well as powder items such as organic Matcha, organic Sencha powder, Genmaicha powder and green tea bag items, we carry all types of green tea products made in our factory.
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Periodical testing on pesticide residue

Green tea can be called "organic" with limited amount of pesticide and/or fertilizer allowed under Japanese regulation.
We thoroughly check incoming "organic" raw green tea leaf and accept only pesticide free leaf for processing. Processed tea leaf is periodically inspected for its pesticide residue by the inspection laboratory overseas. Of course, we inspect all of our green tea leaves along with organic leaf to keep safety and quality of our product.


Kakegawa Central Tea Manufacturing Company production division, considers "soil" is the vital element to make better green tea plantation. They do not use artificial fertilizer but make organic fertilizer with compost, fish meal and canola residue. Each of our contracted green tea farmer inspects its soil at their plantation periodically and makes the plan for making its fertilizer. They make the fertilizer suited to each of the plantation and keep its quality. We request our farmers, especially of non-pesticide plantation farmers in and out of Kakegawa city, to carefully design and make their fertilizer.