Sasaki Green Tea Co.,Ltd.


Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the Pacific coast of midland Japan.
The population of 3.8 million and the land of 7,800Km2,
Shizuoka faces Mount Fuji in the north east,
the Pacific Ocean in the south and Lake Hamana in the west.
Shizuoka, meaning quiet hill in Japanese, has an ideal climate for growing green tea plants and the
fresh melted water from Mount Fuji helps to grow great tasting tea leaves.
And now over 40% of all Japanese green tea is cultivated and produced in Shizuoka.


Sasaki Green Tea Company is located in Kakegawa city in the western side of Shizuoka, Japan.
Being one of the leading and the largest manufacturers/wholesalers of green tea in this region,
Sasaki organizes and leads the consortium of 120 tea plantation farmers in Shizuoka.
Sasaki's strict quality control system ensures the farmers to grow the highest grade of green tea leaves.
Sasaki now produces various green tea leaves, powders and tea bags for green tea
retailers and wholesalers in Japan as well as overseas.


Sasaki Green Tea Company has the following certifications:
FSSC 22000
Organic JAS