Sasaki Green Tea Co.,Ltd.


We take strict safety measure ( e.g. limiting the use of pesticide ) at 120 contracted green tea farmers.
The farmers thoroughly take safety standard and follow it by not using unregistrated pesticide.
The farmers are required to take records of cultivation for their green tea plantation,
such as what type of fertilizer they used.
Tea plantation and its nearby area where leaves are not plucked yet, we control and monitor
the farmers not to spray the pesticide there.

Material Safety

We mainly use "Yabukita" species green tea plant made in Shizuoka.
We absolutely do not use materials or packaging that contain or may have contracted allergen,
bone-meal feed, poultry manure, genetically modified crop, additive, color former, or aroma chemical.

From Tea Plantation to Shipment

Raw leaf inspection

Plucked fresh tea leaves are sent to crude tea processing plant for primary processing.
There are seven inspection steps that are taken for not allowing unwanted leaves in
the tea processing plant. There is no chance for germs or bugs to get mixed with the leaves.

Water without any impure substance

The first step for tea processing is to steam the raw leaves. We filter the water thoroughly in
our plant and removes 99.9% of impure substance and steam the leaves with the water.
We use only the totally pure water for steaming.

finishing products

As per the second processing step, electrical identification device for removing foreign materials
and X-ray inspection device are installed in the processing line.
Of course there are manual taste and odor inspections by taking out 10-cup samples.